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All the Money in the World

Early in this novel, there is a wonderful scene—rich with embarrassment—in which Louis Glasser, the altogether unlikely hero, helps his Harvard-educated son buy a new suit. The son’s fortunes founder, but that’s nothing compared to the perils that overwhelm his father—a lawyer who operates on the margins and becomes the target of a criminal investigation. Siegel’s … portraits (loving and otherwise) of the Glassers, New York prosecutors, and various lowlifes are right on the money. --The New Yorker

Full of richly drawn characters and jolting plot twists—Glasser’s time behind bars is especially chilling—Siegel’s debut novel works both as a parable of how quickly the high and mighty can fall, and as gripping drama. “Money” well spent. --New York Post

All Will Be Revealed

A photographer who refuses to see people as anything more than the raw material for pictures. A spirit medium who has come to doubt the reality of her conversations with the dead. A deceased polar explorer who cannot quite bring himself to regret the journey that killed him. A disappointed lover who trains a performing bear to read minds. These are the characters that people the novel All Will Be Revealed.

Set in New York City at the close of the 19th century, All Will Be Revealed explores the hidden connections between three Gilded Age obsessions: photography, Spiritualism and Arctic exploration. In doing so, it threads its way among a series of dualities: spirit and flesh, imagination and reality, the human need for connection and the fear of losing oneself in the other.

...Well-turned and elegant... gloriously complex. --Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Siegel is skillfull at incorporating into his narrative many fascinating details about photography and spiritualism... he draws readers into the emotional lives of two stunted people who exploit others' vulnerabilities while failing to understand their own. This well-crafted novel offers both an unusual plotline and richly atmospheric settings. --Booklist

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